Friday, December 10, 2010

Twitter Updates- People Tag In Profile Page

Twitter is an efficient micro-blogging tool. More than millions of people were using twitter daily and they were updating their views and publishing and promoting their blog,website, products in 140 characters.
Twitter team has update a new tag in the users profile page.with the Home, Profile, Message tag, they added People tag. 
What is the use of People tag?
By clicking people tag we can able to see the list of people suggesting by the twitter according to our profile. Twitter will compare the users profile information and suggest people to the users. Before few months twitter used the tag who to follow in the sidebar and now it got updated by twitter team.

Just clicking people tag brings the similar peoples close to us and we can able to follow them just by clicking the follow button.

We can increase the more followers by using the people tag. Because most of the users twitter suggesting are active members in twitter.