Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nandhala Movie review

I watched the Nandhala movie yesterday which was great one. As the director said Music is one of the hero in the movie.There is no more dialogue's in the movie. But music speaks a lot. Music is done by the mastro Illayaraja , this is also one of the biggest hit in his carrier. He takes all of us with his music along the movie. It's is going to be one of the milestone in the director's life.Director Mysskin has also acted in this movie, and he also got claps as a hero. His acting in the movie was awesome, but his direction is more wonderful than the acting.

 Coming to the story , there were two main roles in the movie one is hero and other one a kid. Hero is escaping from the mental hospital to see her mother who left him and didn't showed back his. The boy also coming out from the grandma's house to find his mother who left him once he born. In one point of view they both were joining together to search both of their mother. Once they got together the story starts.What are all the thing's they see and the peoples who meet while traveling and whether they both saw their mom or not is the story of the movie. Both the boy and the hero acting need to be appreciated.

The screenplay done by the director is nice and we need to give a big hand to the camera man because his contribution in the movie is high. Each scene attracts by his work. Director have given the best story in his carrier.The story line "All the people in the world will seek for some love in the life." We need to show love to others.

Sharing the love with others will increase the happiness in the life. Enjoy the movie with your family. 

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