Friday, December 10, 2010

Twitter Updates- Follow and Unfollow Button

Twitter has updating themselves much from their side to update their ranking in web.Before few day they updated the people tag in the front page.

Today when i logged in to my twitter account, i am surprised. WOW ! I got 30 MORE NEW FOLLOWERS, so that i wish to see who are them and i thought to follow them back. So i clicked the followers button and checked the peoples.I followed back all of them and i left a message to everyone by greeting and thanked them.

I recognized there is some change in the twitter follow button. Usually there will be only plus symbol in the button.Now they updated it with the follow word in the button.For unfollow there is just the word unfollow in the button..

Twitter also working a lot with their API to increase to keep-up their users and to attract more users.These updates sure help the twitter to attract more users to twitter.

Twitter Updates- People Tag In Profile Page

Twitter is an efficient micro-blogging tool. More than millions of people were using twitter daily and they were updating their views and publishing and promoting their blog,website, products in 140 characters.
Twitter team has update a new tag in the users profile page.with the Home, Profile, Message tag, they added People tag. 
What is the use of People tag?
By clicking people tag we can able to see the list of people suggesting by the twitter according to our profile. Twitter will compare the users profile information and suggest people to the users. Before few months twitter used the tag who to follow in the sidebar and now it got updated by twitter team.

Just clicking people tag brings the similar peoples close to us and we can able to follow them just by clicking the follow button.

We can increase the more followers by using the people tag. Because most of the users twitter suggesting are active members in twitter.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Privacy Setting For the mobiles- Facebook Upgrade

Facebook become the once of the leading website used by the users in the world.There are million's of people using facebook daily. If they are out of the station there were connecting to the facebook with their phones and there are more users who using the faceook applications and facebook through their mobile itself. So the facebook add's more privacy setting's for their mobile users.


More users accessing the facebook through smart-phones and iPhone and they were connected to most of the websites and applications through facebook connect and those websites will access the users information.Now the users can able to view when the website or application accessed their personal information and the privacy setting will contain the full details of the user and to which all the application they connected. They can also view it in the dashboard for the connected application.

They can also change their privacy settings by the following steps.
Login to the facebook through your mobile in facebook login.

Or once you logged in to facebook, go to settings and click the "change" link in the privacy settings.

This privacy settings are the extension of the facebook application dashboard which they published in the october.

Facbook Dashboard For The Connected Applications

Facebook connect button has mostly seen in all over the websites. We don't need to register in the website by our mailid.Just hitting the facebook connect button will allow us to connect us with those websites or with the application. 

Users who connected through this doesnt know correctly number of application they connected and website too.For reducing their pressure facebook team announced this dashboard for the users. Through the dashboard they can able to see what are all the applications they connected through the facebook connect button.

Facebook team has developing more application from their side.

Friday, December 3, 2010

What is twitter?

What is Twitter?
Twitter is one of the best social networking tool and it is a effective micro blogging tool. you can able to register in twitter by using your mail account and you can able to sign up for twitter here.

Twitter is the tool which used to promote our blog articles and website with others in less words.In twitter we can able to publish only 140 characters.With in that we have to tell about the article and we need to give the link to the users. In twitter we need to know mainly about few things which are tweets, re-tweets, followers and following.

what is tweet?
Tweet is a post or status update you can able to do in twitter account.You can post anything, but the number of the words is matter. You need to convey the message in 140 characters, else followers can't understand what you are trying to say.

What is re-tweet?
It is an button found in the twitter account. Some of the people tweet about humor and some may tweet about blogging. If anyone found interesting tweet that his follower tweeted.Then he can able to re-tweet it to his followers by clicking the re-tweet button.

Twitter followers ?
Followers are the people who following you. If you post any new tweet in your twitter account, it will be displayed to all the peoples who following you. If they liked the link you posted, they will click on it and they may re-tweet it also to their followers.If you tweet continuously,you will get more followers on twitter.Just followback the people who following you, it will increase your following count too.

Twitter following?
Following are the peoples who you followed in twitter.If you found any people similar to you and if you got interested in his/her tweets, you can follow those peoples. In twitter you can able to follow any people whom you like.If the people whom you following like your tweets, then he may also follow you back. Then both your twitter followers and following peoples will increase. I am sure that you can get more twitter followers and increase your twitter followers by tweeting continuously.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Nandhala Movie review

I watched the Nandhala movie yesterday which was great one. As the director said Music is one of the hero in the movie.There is no more dialogue's in the movie. But music speaks a lot. Music is done by the mastro Illayaraja , this is also one of the biggest hit in his carrier. He takes all of us with his music along the movie. It's is going to be one of the milestone in the director's life.Director Mysskin has also acted in this movie, and he also got claps as a hero. His acting in the movie was awesome, but his direction is more wonderful than the acting.

 Coming to the story , there were two main roles in the movie one is hero and other one a kid. Hero is escaping from the mental hospital to see her mother who left him and didn't showed back his. The boy also coming out from the grandma's house to find his mother who left him once he born. In one point of view they both were joining together to search both of their mother. Once they got together the story starts.What are all the thing's they see and the peoples who meet while traveling and whether they both saw their mom or not is the story of the movie. Both the boy and the hero acting need to be appreciated.

The screenplay done by the director is nice and we need to give a big hand to the camera man because his contribution in the movie is high. Each scene attracts by his work. Director have given the best story in his carrier.The story line "All the people in the world will seek for some love in the life." We need to show love to others.

Sharing the love with others will increase the happiness in the life. Enjoy the movie with your family. 

Monday, November 22, 2010


Hello world !!!!