Friday, December 10, 2010

Twitter Updates- Follow and Unfollow Button

Twitter has updating themselves much from their side to update their ranking in web.Before few day they updated the people tag in the front page.

Today when i logged in to my twitter account, i am surprised. WOW ! I got 30 MORE NEW FOLLOWERS, so that i wish to see who are them and i thought to follow them back. So i clicked the followers button and checked the peoples.I followed back all of them and i left a message to everyone by greeting and thanked them.

I recognized there is some change in the twitter follow button. Usually there will be only plus symbol in the button.Now they updated it with the follow word in the button.For unfollow there is just the word unfollow in the button..

Twitter also working a lot with their API to increase to keep-up their users and to attract more users.These updates sure help the twitter to attract more users to twitter.