Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Privacy Setting For the mobiles- Facebook Upgrade

Facebook become the once of the leading website used by the users in the world.There are million's of people using facebook daily. If they are out of the station there were connecting to the facebook with their phones and there are more users who using the faceook applications and facebook through their mobile itself. So the facebook add's more privacy setting's for their mobile users.


More users accessing the facebook through smart-phones and iPhone and they were connected to most of the websites and applications through facebook connect and those websites will access the users information.Now the users can able to view when the website or application accessed their personal information and the privacy setting will contain the full details of the user and to which all the application they connected. They can also view it in the dashboard for the connected application.

They can also change their privacy settings by the following steps.
Login to the facebook through your mobile in facebook login.

Or once you logged in to facebook, go to settings and click the "change" link in the privacy settings.

This privacy settings are the extension of the facebook application dashboard which they published in the october.

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